Production & Sustainability

Consumer Responsibility

As a foodstuffs manufacturer, we assume our responsibility to our consumers in three areas of focus: Healthy Nutrition, Quality & Product Safety and Transparent Consumer Information & Communication.

Healthy Nutrition

We work continuously on improving the quality of our products from a nutritional-physiological point of view. These improvements include, among others:

  • Reduction of harmful substances inherent in products
  • Reduction of unsaturated fats
  • Reduction of avoidable allergenic ingredients
  • Products with lower salt content
  • Products with lower fat content
  • Products for the nutrition-conscious
  • Products with natural flavors only

Quality and Safety

We do everything for the highest possible quality and safety of our products, including:

  • Global Food Safety Initiative
  • Appropriate risk management system
  • Management guideline available for handling allergenic substances
  • AIB audits
  • Plants with high standards in terms of hygiene and maintenance

Informed consumers

We strive to act responsibly also in the way in which we inform and communicate with our consumers. We do this by (among other things):

  • Providing transparent information
  • Clear guidelines on product names | Application of new EU legislation (Food Information Regulation)
  • Promoting activities for a healthy lifestyle
  • Clear labelling guideline available
  • Signing of the EU Pledge not to advertise to children under 12 years of age if nutritional-physiological criteria are not met.

The Kelly’s Potato Regions

Kelly’s Chips are as varied in size and color as the potatoes (which are natural products) that they actually are. In buying a pack of Kelly’s Chips, made from 100% Austrian potatoes, you do something to secure the existence of Austrian potato farmers. The best potatoes for our chips come from the following regions: Marchfeld (Lower Austria), Stockerau (Lower Austria), Hollabrunn (Lower Austria), Korneuburg (Lower Austria), Mistelbach (Lower Austria), Tullnerfeld (Lower Austria) and Seewinkel (Burgenland).

Our production in Vienna

The following video shows how these best Austrian potatoes find their way from the field
to our factory in Vienna-Donaustadt and their into our Kelly’s chips pack. 


  • Further improving product quality
  • A growing number of products with reduced salt and fat content
  • Further increasing recipes that only use natural ingredients
  • Stronger focus on single-serving packs for single use


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