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Kelly’s brings crackle into life – and into your movie night! Up for some crackling tv commercials? Click here to watch all Kelly’s TV commercials.


Kelly’s Shuffle Dance – TV Spot 2021

Kelly’s brings that crackle into every situation: when people get together, to spend a great time together. With the slogan “more taste – more fun”, good mood is guaranteed!

Kelly’s Shuffle Dance – Herbert Prohaska 2021

Also Herbert Prohaska practices the new Kelly’s Shuffle Dance at home in his living room.

Kelly’s Shuffle Dance Tutorial

Alamande Belfor, Choreograph of the new Kelly’s Shuffle, is an uncredible Entertainer, Dancer and Choreograph who already choreographed amongst others “Willkommen Österreich” or the second season of “Starmania”..

The native Dutch, works and lives in Vienna since 1997 and also worked at Austria’s Next Topmodel as Juror and Runway-teacher.


Kelly’s Fresh Potato Harvest Online-Spot 2019

The fresh potato harvest has arrived! Austrian farmers deliver their freshly havested potatoes for Kelly’s Chips!


Kelly's 3-2-1 Chipselection Herbert Prohaska TV-Spot 2018

For the World Cup 2018, we let our consumers decide on our new chips variety! A little bit of training never hurts! 


Kelly's Nationalchips Herbert Prohaska TV-Spot EM France 2016

If you guys ask Herbert Prohaska how Austria is always part of the european championship - then with Kelly's Chips! 

Kelly's Chips Championchips Herbert Prohaska TV-Spot 2016

What is the best way to promote Austrian potato seedlings? With Kelly's champion chips! 


Kelly's Chips Salsa do Brasil Herbert Prohaska TV-Spot 2014

Who brings salsa to life ?? Kelly's - of course! 


Kelly's Chips Austrian Heritage Herbert Prohaska TV-Spot 2013

Herbert Prohaska explains where he likes to renounce legionaries and prefers Austrians - for his chips!

Kelly's Chips AIRPACK Herbert Prohaska TV-Spot 2013

The most important thing about an important football game is the review of the game device - Herbert Prohaska explains!

Kelly's Chips no flavor enhancers Chips Party Herbert Prohaska TV-Spot 2013

Natural talents manage it even without help from others. This is true in the world of football, but also in the Snack-World! 

Kelly's Snips Herbert Prohaska TV-Spot 2013

Doping is bad, it's the same with football but also with our snips! It contains nothing, which should not be there! 

Kelly's Presenter TV-Spots Herbert Prohaska Soccer-Game 2013

See what Herbert Prohaska is doing behind the scenes during the moderation of a football match! Fun guaranteed! 


Kelly's Sunland Farm Chips TV-Spot 2011 and 2013 Paprika NEW

Kelly's Sundland Farm Chips are made according to the original recipe of George Crum. Honest work and the help of Mother Nature made the best potatoes for the Sunland Farm chips. Today the Sunland Farm chips are made out of best Austrian potatoes!


Archiv: Kelly's N.X.T. Chips City Battle TV-Spot 2010

Kelly's N.X.T. Chips - the next Generation of Chips!

Archiv: Kelly's Mircowave Chips TV-Spot 2010 

The quick snack out of the microwave! Rap with Kelly's Microwaves!


Archiv: Kelly's Chips talking Chips-Package 2009

There are no chips on the track? We say yes!


Archiv: Kelly's and Soletti talking Chips-Package 2005

The talking Snack-Shelf. Kelly's Chips, Soletti Salzstangen and a sophisticated Kelly's Snips package fight for the best spot in the cart!


Archiv: Kelly's Chips Paprika Bode Miller 2003

Bode Miller's motivation snack? Kelly's Paprika Chips - they taste like home! 

Archiv: Kelly's Chips Party Bode Miller American Skiteam TV-Spot 2003

Rip it - Place it - Snack it - Kelly's Chips Party. The AIRPACK is up for grabs!


Archiv: Kelly's Starlights Stefan Eberharter TV-Spot 2002

Stefan Eberharter reaches for the stars with Kelly's Starlights!

Archiv: Kelly's Airpackman Stefan Eberharter TV-Spot 2002

Stefan Eberharter presents the AIRPACKMAN - good material is important, that's what Kelly's AIRPACK is!


Archiv: Kelly's Airpackman Chips TV-Spot 2001

Since 1999, our Kelly's chips have an air cushion, the so-called AIRPACK. This unique Kelly's AIRPACK keeps our crisps fresh and crispy content is protected from breakage. The whole chips, the whole taste!


Archiv: Kelly's Chips "4 people in the Jeep" TV-Spot 1997

Everyone likes Kelly's chips - even the 4 in the Jeep!

Archiv: Kelly's School Class TV-Spot 1997

The Kelly's 'Knabberfarm' brings crackle into the classroom.


Archiv: Kelly's Chips Airplane 1995

Hey the captain eats Kelly's chips! Look what happens.


Archiv: Kelly's Chips Motorbike TV-Spot 1994

Come to the world of action and fun - come to the wold of Kelly's!


Archiv: Kelly's Chips Bunny  TV-Spot 1989

Kelly's Bunny brings crackle to life with her Kelly's chips!

Archiv: Kelly's Chips Kelly's Life TV-Spot 1989

You need Kelly's in any situation! Move into the Kelly's life!

Archiv: Kelly's Chips Kelly Popcorn Manfred Krug 1989

Kelly's popcorn before and after the pop! 

Archiv: Kelly's Chips American Football TV-Spot 1989

That's the way of Kelly's life! Kelly's brings crackle to life!


Archiv: Kelly's Chips Skateboard 1988

Connoisseurs love Kelly's chips, connoisseurs buy Kelly's chips - connoisseurs nibble Kelly's!

Archiv: Kelly's Connoisseurs are nibbling Kelly's 1988

Kelly's brings crackle to life when tension becomes unbearable or boredom occures! Kelly's brings crackle to life, connoisseurs nibble Kelly's!


Archiv: Kelly's Chips und Kelly's MiniFritts 1977

Kelly's Mini Frits, Kelly's Chips - and the Crunchy Stick! Connoisseurs nibble Kelly's!