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Sutainability is our top priority at Kelly

Kelly’s promise of quality and taste have always had the highest priority, as well as the certainty that production and partners are based in Austria. Therefore, the claim also means to orient according to the current zeitgeist.

This includes ongoing product innovations as well as continuous research, for example to optimize packaging or transport routes, identify potential savings and implement specific measures for improvement.

The implementation of standards like the ISO14001 (environmental management) and 50001 (energy management) help us to achieve and continuosly improve our environmental and energy goals. With additional projects as part of the sustainability strategy Kelly wants to work even more efficient in the future and contribute its part to climate protection.

Ongoing projects, such as the installation of e-charging stations, contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions as well as to the reduction of negative environmental impacts.

Current Measures

Our products are “Oft Länger Gut”

Kelly’s is part of the "Oft Länger Gut " initiative from the social impact company Too Good To Go, in order to raise awareness about food shelf life, as products are often good and edible long after their best-before date.  

What is "Oft Länger Gut"?

“Oft Länger Gut” is an add-on to the best-before date (BBD). The initiative of Too Good To Go together with food producers encourages to use the senses before food is discarded. The idea is simple: with an addition directly next to the best-before date on products, awareness is raised against the unnecessary waste of food and a simple testing method is demonstrated: look, smell, try before the food is disposed. Because: It often lasts much longer. So far, products from 40 international and domestic food brands carry this additional notice in Austria.

What does the best-before date have to do with food waste?

Worldwide, more than one third of all food is wasted. In the EU, about 10% of this waste is due to misunderstandings surrounding the best-before date: Many people dispose food after the best-before date has expired, even though it is still perfectly good. In Austria, too, every fifth person has doubts about consuming a product after the best-before date. We have to change this perception! Many products are still edible and often perfectly good weeks or months after they have passed their best-before date. Therefore, we encourage consumers to use their senses according to the motto "look, smell, taste" before disposing products. This way, less food is wasted.

For more information on the "Oft Länger Gut" initiative, visit oftlaengergut.at.

So before you throw anything away, ask yourself these 3 questions:

hat does my product look like?

Look closely at the product and evaluate if it still looks edible

Does it still smell good?

Smell the product and evaluate whether it still smells fresh and as usual

How does it taste?

Taste a little of the product to evaluate if it still tastes good

If all your senses percieve the product as good, you can eat it.




Significant increase in unsaturated fatty acids


Saturated fatty acids are not essential for humans since the body can produce it as well from other food ingredients such as glucose (sugar) or proteins. By using a particular high-quality sunflower oil and rapeseed oil with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids ("High Oleic Sunflower Oil" and "High Oleic Rapeseed Oil"), we have been able to increase the proportion of saturated fatty acids in our chips, specialties and baked products step by step since 2006. The proportion of unsaturated fatty acids will be increased by the usage of high-quality oils and hence improves the fatty acids in our products.


Our production is 100% without flavor enhancers


As part of a program for improving our product quality, we have succeeded in completely removing artificial flavour enhancers (e.g. sodium glutamate) from our branded products. We achieved this goal without compromising the original taste experiences of our snack products.


90% of the range refined exclusively with natural flavors


In addition to not using artificial flavour enhancers, the value of using natural flavours increased. We have been refining every new branded product with purely natural flavours since 2009. We have also changed the recipes for a large part of existing products, so that today already 90% of our entire branded range only uses natural flavours.

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