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What makes Kelly’s Snacks so special? Aside from the extraordinary variety of products and the unique crispiness, it is above all the Austrian added value. With around 260 employees at the Vienna site and 130 at the plant site in Feldbach, Styria, Kelly is the only Austrian Snack Company, that uses mostly local resources and produces 100% palmoil-free.

Kelly is one of the largest local potato processors, processing approximately 27,000 tons a year. Around 90 farms deliver the best potatoes from the regions of Absdorf, Hollabrunn, Tullnerfeld, Korneuburg, Mistelbach, Marchfeld and Seewinkel to the plant site in the 22nd district of Vienna anually. The fact that some potato fields are located only about 6 km from the Kelly plant site, emphasizes the regionality and guarantees the lowest possible CO2 emissions.

Kelly's Chips made in Austria are perfectly rounded off in taste – thanks to salt from the salt works in Ebensee and paprika spice from the Austrian spice specialist Kotányi. Even the corn semolina comes from Guntramsdorf in Lower Austria.


The current projects, such as the construction of a photovoltaic system (Vienna and Feldbach) and the construction of a new high-bay warehouse at the Vienna site, which contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions as well as negative environmental impacts, shows that Kelly’s snacks are truly sustainable and regional. In addition to that a "zero loss mindset" is practiced in the production department, which means that food waste is minimized as much as possible by constantly optimizing processes.

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Facts & Figures

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