The next party is coming up and you don’t know how many snacks to get?

No problem: With Kelly’s Party Calculator, preparing for any party is a snap. Just enter the number of expected party guests, indicate their snack-eating habits and we will give you a snack recommendation to make you the hero at your party!

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Many people love our snacks and we love our consumers!

We’ve been producing cult-products for decades! Kelly is an Austrian company with American influences. In 1955 Howard Morse Kelly and Herbert Rast brought American snacks to Austria with their 1st American Popcorn Company. Ever since we have been combining snack culture from America, its country of origin, with Austrian quality and passion!

With our brand portfolio in Austria, we are the market leader and part of Intersnack Group’s successful European snack network. Today Kelly offers all kinds of crunchy snacks you need for your party or evening of TV – whether chips, popcorn, nachos, Snips or Zigeunerräder, we have it all! Whether brainfood for a snack break or appetizers for your party – with Kelly’s crunchy snacks, you’re right on the money!

Today Kelly employs about 350 people. Our snacks are produced at modern and certified factories in Vienna and Feldbach. Austrian value creation and using the best raw materials from Austria are particularly important to us. We cultivate and foster long-term cooperations with potato growers and other suppliers on a daily basis! Here you can check out how it all started with popcorn and where our snacks are produced today with tender loving care for your party!